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"Once thought of as an altar on which the Druids performed religious ceremonials, are now accepted as a place of sepulture-that the great "altar stone, fifteen feet long by eight inches in breadth," was only a covering stone, which had at one time rested upon smaller but equally rude supports, and that in the cist or chambers thus formed were placed the cineary urn and the ashes of some chieftain of Pagan or early Christian times" - The Ancient and Present state of the County and City of Cork, 1893.

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Another view of the Dolmen taken by Kevin Jackson in 1986. The dolmen is here, adorned by my nieces, Maria von Rumohr(atop), Aisling Nagle and Sarah Jackson.


The Castlemary Dolmen may be more properly referred to as a Cromlech, having 2 upright stones rather than 3 for a Dolmen. The term Dolmen is often loosely applied to both. Locally we refer to it as the Dolmen.