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Cobh, formerly Queenstown the Cove of Cork, from where many Irish people
departed for new shores.
Cobh has a wonderful heritage centre which concentrates on that theme.
St. Colman's Cathedral, Queenstown,begun in 1869 under Bishop Keane, 
continued under Bishop McCarthy, in 1908 near completion, is one of 
the most beautiful of modern Gothic cathedrals. 
The medieval diocesan cathedral, used by Protestants since the 
sixteenth century, still stands at Cloyne. 
St. Colman MacLenin (560-601), diverted from his profession of 
poet-historian by Sts. Ita and Brendan, became (560) first Bishop of 
Cloyne, where he got a royal grant of land. 
Ballycotton Bay.

Cloyne Hotel.

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