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Sisks in Ireland - Census

1901 Census
1911 Census
1901 Census
1842 Midleton
1848 Midleton
1851-53 Griffith's Valuation

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Name / Relation to Head / Religion[BS1]  / Age / Occupation / Marital Status / Born


Carriglusky, Cloyne           3         


Richard Sisk              Head                           65        Ag. Labourer             Married          

Eliza Sisk                   Wife                            64        Housekeeper             Married          

John Sisk                   Son                             28        Ag. Labourer             not Married   

Patrick Sisk               Son                             23        Ag. Labourer             not Married   


Rock St., Cloyne     24       


David Lawton            Head                           52        Shopkeeper               Married          

Mary Lawton              Wife                            51        Housekeeper             Married          

Kate Lawton              Daughter                    24        Shop Assistant          not Married   

Eleanor Lawton         Daughter                    18        Shop Assistant          not Married   

David Lawton            Son                             15        Scholar                       not Married   

Ellen Geary                Servant                       24        General domestic Servant               not Married

Kate Sisk                                                       48        Seamstress               not Married   


Spital St., Cloyne    49


Patrick Sisk               Head                           50        Shopkeeper               Married          

Ellen Sisk                   Wife                            38        Shopkeeper               Wife   

James Sisk                Son                             4                                              Child  

John Kenna                Lodger                        67        Sexton C. Church      not Married   



Aghada Upper         14       


Catherine Sisk          Head                           50                                            Widow           

John Sisk                   Son                             20        General Labourer      Not Married   

James Sisk                Son                             14        Scholar                       Not Married   

Joseph Sisk               Son                             12        Scholar                       Not Married   


Aghada Upper         31       


Mary Brown                Head                           84                                            Widow           

Mary Sisk                   Cousin                        40                                            Not Married   


Curragh, Aghada    2         


Marian S. Sisk           Head   C of E             70                                            Widow            England

James Hry Walters   Head   C of E             28        Civil Engineer            Married           England

Hettie Walters            Wife    C of E             28                                            Married           England


Curragh, Aghada    3         


Maurice Sisk             Head                           50        General Labourer                 

Mary Sisk                   Wife                            52                               

Maurice Sisk             Son                             30        General Labourer                 

Edmond Sisk             Son                             29        Railway Porter                      


Farside          3         


Eliza Sisk                   Head                           32        Income from Husband          Married

John M. Sisk              Son                             4                                                          not Married

Eliza Sisk                   Daughter                    4 mths.                                                not Married


Farside          19       


Edmond Sisk             Head                           68        Merchant Sailor                     Married

Catherine Sisk          Wife                            45                                                        Married

Martin Sisk                 Son                             22        General Labourer                  not Married


Hermitage     4         


Michael Sisk              Head                           60        Farmer                                   Married

Margaret Sisk            Wife                            58                                                        Married

Margaret Sisk            Daughter                    27        Farmer's Daughter                not Married

Bridget Sisk               Daughter                    22        Farmer's Daughter                not Married


Ardra, Rostellan                 


Mary Sisk                   Head                           64                                                        Widow           

Mary Sisk                   Daughter                    24        Seamstress                           not Married   


Gyleen, Finure, Corkbeg             


Mary Sisk       Head               60        Widow                       



Main St., Midleton   25       


John O'Brien                          Head                           42        Shopkeeper               Married          

Kate O'Brien                          Wife                            42        Shopkeeper               Married          

Kate Sisk                               Mother-in-law             84        Housekeeper             Widow           

Danl Joseph O'Brien            Son                             16        Scholar                       not married   

Thos O'Brien                          Son                             14               do.                        not married   

Paul O'Brien                          Son                             12               do.                        not married   

Michael O'Brien                     Son                             10               do.                        not married   

Maurice O'Brien                    Son                             9                 do.                        not married   

Michael O'Dwyer                   Servant                       24        Servant                       not married   

Fanny Morrison                     Servant                       22        Servant                       not married   


Ballymacsliney, Templenacarriga         4         


Richard Mahoney                  Head                           57                    Farmer                      

Kate Mahoney                       Wife                            47                               

Kate Sisk                               Visitor                         15                    Seamstress              

Margaret Sisk                       Visitor                         11                    Shoemaker               



Ballynaneening, Carrigaline        1         


William Sisk               Head                           75                    General Labourer      Widower        

Philip Sisk                  Son                             20                    General Labourer      not Married   

Minnie Sisk                Daughter                    23                    Housekeeper not       Married          


Shanbally     44       


William Sisk               Head                                                  

Mary Sisk                   Daughter                    22                                                        Married          

Patrick Sisk               Grandson                   2                                 

Jeremiah Sisk           Grandson                   4 mths.                                   





Mary Sisk                   Head                           60                                            Widower

Abilia Sisk                 Daughter                    26                                            not Married

Thomas Sisk             Son                             24                                            not Married




William Sisk               Head                           61                    Boatman        Married

Jane Sisk                   Wife                            55                                            Married

Margaret Sisk            Daughter                    17                    Scholar           not Married

Patrick Sisk               Son                             14                    Scholar           not Married




Patrick Sisk               Head                           70                    Farmer           Married

Ellen Sisk                   Wife                            59                                            Married

John Sisk                   Son                             35                    Labourer        Married

Mary Sisk                   Daughter                    30                                            Married

Elizabeth Sisk           Daughter                    19                    Scholar           not Married

Kathleen M. Sisk       Daughter                    6 mths            Scholar           not Married




Cornelius Sisk           Head                           64                                            Married

Julia Sisk                   Wife                            70                                            Married

Mary Sullivan Servant                       18                                            not Married



Templebreedy, Crosshaven                   


Ed Sisk                      Head                           40        Farmer                       Married

Kat Sisk                     Wife                            40        Farmer's Wife            Married

Denis Sisk                 Son                             11        Scholar          

Mary Sisk                   Daughter                    8          Scholar          

Julia Sisk                   Daughter                    7          Scholar          

Ed Sisk                      Son                             5          Scholar          

Dora Sisk                   Daughter                    4          Scholar          

Kathleen Sisk            Daughter                    3          Scholar          

Cornelius Sisk           Son                             2          Scholar          

William Sisk               Son                             8 mths            


Gortnanoon, Templebreedy                   


Mary Sisk                   Head                           63                                            Widow                       

William Sisk               Son                             38        Farmer's Son            

Nora Sisk                   Daughter                    31        Farmer's Daughter    Unmarried     



Evergreen Rd., Cork                     


Nicholas Sisk            Head                           39        Tile Layer                               Cork City

Mary Ellen Sisk         Wife                            34                                                        USA

Thomas Sisk             Son                             8                                 

Katherine Sisk           Daughter                    4                                 


Evergreen Rd., Cork                     


Richard Sisk              Head                           35        Builder                       

Mary Jane Sisk         Wife                            37                               

Maurice Sisk             Brother                       37                               

George Sisk              Son                             8                                 

Kathleen Sisk            Daughter                    7                                 

Richard Sisk              Son                             6                                 

Eva Sisk                     Daughter                    3

Winifred Sisk             Daughter                    3 mths

Margaret Murphy       Servant                       28

 [BS1]RC unless otherwise stated

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Sisk's in Ireland